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Fans of Alabama Crimson Tide (Straight)We love Alabama Crimson Tide!StraightNoPublic31,000+
Fans of Ohio State Buckeyes (Straight)We love Ohio State Buckeyes!StraightNoPublic14,000+
Fans of Air Force Falcons (Straight)We love Air Force Falcons!StraightNoPublic13,000+
Fans of Michigan Wolverines (Straight)We love Michigan Wolverines!StraightNoPublic10,000+
Fans of Alabama Crimson Tide (Confidence)We love Alabama Crimson Tide!ConfidenceNoPublic10,000+
Fans of Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Straight)We love Notre Dame Fighting Irish!StraightNoPublic9,000+
Fans of Clemson Tigers (Straight)We love Clemson Tigers!StraightNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Michigan State Spartans (Straight)We love Michigan State Spartans!StraightNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Akron Zips (Straight)We love Akron Zips!StraightNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Oklahoma Sooners (Straight)We love Oklahoma Sooners!StraightNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Florida Gators (Straight)We love Florida Gators!StraightNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Florida State Seminoles (Straight)We love Florida State Seminoles!StraightNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Oregon Ducks (Straight)We love Oregon Ducks!StraightNoPublic6,000+
Fans of LSU Tigers (Straight)We love LSU Tigers!StraightNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Georgia Bulldogs (Straight)We love Georgia Bulldogs!StraightNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Iowa Hawkeyes (Straight)We love Iowa Hawkeyes!StraightNoPublic5,000+
Beat The StreakMaster (Straight)Play Against the ESPN Streak for the Cash StreakMaster!StraightNoPublic4,700+
Fans of Ohio State Buckeyes (Confidence)We love Ohio State Buckeyes!ConfidenceNoPublic4,700+
Fans of Nebraska Cornhuskers (Straight)We love Nebraska Cornhuskers!StraightNoPublic4,600+
Fans of Arizona State Sun Devils (Straight)We love Arizona State Sun Devils!StraightNoPublic4,600+
Fans of Penn State Nittany Lions (Straight)We love Penn State Nittany Lions!StraightNoPublic4,500+
Fans of Tennessee Volunteers (Straight)We love Tennessee Volunteers!StraightNoPublic4,500+
Fans of Auburn Tigers (Straight)We love Auburn Tigers!StraightNoPublic4,300+
Fans of Texas Longhorns (Straight)We love Texas Longhorns!StraightNoPublic4,300+
Fans of Arkansas Razorbacks (Straight)We love Arkansas Razorbacks!StraightNoPublic4,100+
Fans of Wisconsin Badgers (Straight)We love Wisconsin Badgers!StraightNoPublic4,100+
Fans of Miami (FL) Hurricanes (Straight)We love Miami (FL) Hurricanes!StraightNoPublic3,800+
Fans of Michigan Wolverines (Confidence)We love Michigan Wolverines!ConfidenceNoPublic3,600+
Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway (Straight)Play against ESPN's Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway!StraightNoPublic3,300+
Fans of USC Trojans (Straight)We love USC Trojans!StraightNoPublic3,100+


Pick all 42 winners correctly and win $1 MILLION! Additional prizing includes trips to the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship game and more!

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