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12016 Beer Bowl Mania20+13,213574.48
2WVUBowl16Let's Go Mountaineers!20+12,041573.38
3mcgillcan't win if you don't play25+15,468572.89
4winair pickem 201620+11,912567.24
5No Cat A #bring back UBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A30+18,624564.36
6Go Cougs 16!30+16,266560.90
7Pick'em Board BuddiesNo such thing as too many bowl games!40+22,983560.56
8In the Playoffs Again!Great matchups abound!25+16,237559.90
9FFC – Bowl Pick ‘em20+11,751559.57
10$25 Confidence Bowl PicksLeagueSafe:,020559.41
112016 Coaches Bowl PICKEM"PICKEM, WATCHEM, MAKEM MEAN SOMETHING"50+28,504558.90
12Sloppy Cocks 201620+13,411558.79
13SMW Bowl Mania20+12,279558.14
14LV College Bowl PoolLet it Ride!20+11,683556.33
15Kenny Bellgo big red30+17,802556.31
16neighborhood idiots25+13,898555.92
17KEEPING IT COOL20+12,780555.65
18BOWL-A-RAMA!Thought you said bowl-a-rama!50+29,447555.60
19Holiday Degenerates25+13,871554.84
20AggTownGroupAlways remember you are unique, just like everyone else30+16,075554.31
22Tressel's Tattoo Parlorkeeping you bowl ineligible since 2011!20+12,715552.83
2312th Annual Bowl Pick'emLast Place gets Fee Back!20+11,598552.29
24SEC PoolCrunch Time25+15,460552.14
25Hospirajust 4 fun20+13,243551.79
26Confidence Pool FerdaLet Us Ri30+14,332551.23
27Crump Bowl Challenge 2016Easy Money25+13,780551.20
28College Bowl ExtravaganzaThe Original: Since 198730+17,629550.91
29PETTO College Bowl PoolYou Gotta Be Kidding Me!20+11,559550.43
30Colorado 2016 Bowl20+11,556550.29
31Children of the CornGBR35+19,236549.60
32GTSwarmI'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech!45+25,280549.57
36WTGWe need 8 in the playoff...30+18,105548.64
3760 minute mennever quit20+11,517548.43
38Dynamix Bowl Pool 201620+11,514548.29
39Anna's College Bowl 201620+12,605548.04
40Bronco Nation 296I like fishing30+16,437547.90
42Summy's Bowl Mania25+12,594547.57
43Indiana Bowl ManiaBecause everyone needs a reason to care about 42 bowl games ...30+17,516547.38
44Foster Bowl Mania25+14,220546.92
45Chest Hair Sandwich20+11,481546.71
46College Pickers IncGo For The Gusto20+13,119546.63
47TWITTER BOWL contestJust another twitter contest60+34,433546.56
48College bowl fanaticsGo Cougars!20+12,024546.55
49Bilski's Bowl Bonanza '16I'll Take That Hit!30+18,031546.39


Pick all 42 winners correctly and win $1 MILLION! Additional prizing includes trips to the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship game and more!

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