Top Groups
1Have a Great Saturday20+11,442520.09
2Pepsi of Asheville6 wins and you get a bowl game?20+10,857517.00
3No Cat A #bringbackUBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A25+12,913516.52
4The Marist Way!!!!WDE25+12,765510.60
5Gillespie Bowl Mania 201746% of the time we're right all the time.25+13,270510.38
6Brogan Gray 2017120+62,624509.14
7AP Bowl 201720+11,706508.96
9No Necks Bowl ManiaIt just doesn't matter30+14,230508.21
10SR Bowl Pick 'em30+14,224508.00
11HSE Bowl Mania 201735+15,217507.23
12CIVBOWL DESIGN ADVANTAGEGo Cyclones & Hawkeyes30+16,206506.44
13Oncology Supply25+13,163506.27
15Bowlmania 2017-18bowl fun40+21,216505.14
16port city bowl20+10,594504.48
17Black & Gold Bowl ManiaBack in Black20+11,074503.36
18South Bend Football 2017"You Play To Win The Game"20+10,570503.33
19CCC 2018 BowlsPlay to win25+13,072502.77
20Khaki is my Fave ColorJust win Baby!20+11,047502.14
21Sutton Bowl Pool25+12,550502.00
22BRode CFB Bowl ManiaKeeping Fisher out of 1st this time.20+11,543501.87
23Gebby bowl poolGo Bucky20+11,541501.78
24Huskers We Got Our GuyRestore The Dominance25+13,027501.04
25The Fupa FeelersWelcome to the Den20+10,520500.95
27GoIowaAwesomeBowlPickEmPick winner45+22,516500.36
28Air Force WarriorsKick Ass Early and Often20+11,006500.27
29CFL Bowl Pool40+20,991499.79
30Sigma Phi Hair Salon20+10,977498.95
31TVG Bowl Pool XV"Providing holiday party small talk since 2003!"30+15,955498.59
33Peach Bowl GameGo OSU and BSU and NAVY20+10,469498.52
34Tigers#1In it to win it30+16,449498.45
35Goudy Bowl Picks 201720+10,467498.43
36Monahan Bowl Mania25+14,453498.38
37Children of the CornGBR35+19,429498.18
38#Capital One Bowl Mania20+11,954498.08
39We Wobble in Our ShoesBy Far the Finest in the Land35+16,430497.88
40Aureus Medical30+15,929497.78
41TheNoBowls,NoGloryClassicGlory comes to the one who has “bowls”. Pick wisely my friends!20+10,951497.77
42Match MadnessPickem20+11,946497.75
44Bowl Pick Em '1725+12,432497.28
47Shirtless Bowl Pick'emGo Blue! Fire Up Chips!20+11,425496.74
48Usual Suspects 201720+10,928496.73
49Sparty Party 17-1830+15,396496.65
50Holiday Distraction 201720+10,926496.64


Pick all 41 winners correctly and win $1 MILLION! Additional prizing includes trips to the 2018-19 CFP Nat'l Champ. game and more!

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