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Welcome To ESPN College Pick'em!

The college gridiron has returned, and with it a plethora of big names all competing for a spot in the College Football Playoff. Now it's your chance to put your knowledge to the test!

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It's no surprise that Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State are all pre-season title contenders, but with programs like Michigan and LSU seemingly on the verge of a return to prominence and with others such as Oklahoma and Florida State right in the mix, the competition will be fierce.

Each week we'll list 10 matchups from the slate of College Football games to choose from, some more evenly matched than others. It's up to you to pick the winners, so if you see one of the programs listed above as an option throughout the season they are probably worthy of serious consideration.

Here's a breakdown of the two formats:

Straight-Up: Pick the teams from the 10 listed matchups that you feel are most likely to win. Correct picks earn you points towards your season total.

Confidence: Here you're not only picking the winners of each matchup, you're RANKING each selection you make based on how confident you are. Your most confident pick will be assigned 10 Points while the least will be assigned 1, placing an added emphasis on getting those top picks correct.

You can create an entry in BOTH the straight-up and confidence versions of College Pick'em, each boasting a $2000 Amazon Gift Card to the contestant who scores the most points throughout the season.

We're also offering a $100 weekly prize for that segment's top competitor in both formats so you're never out of the running for a nice payday. To help you along the way be sure to check out ESPN Chalk for all your research needs. Good luck and have fun!


Play College Pick'em for your chance to win a $2,000 Amazon Gift Card.
There are 32 prizes (weekly & season-long) worth $8,800 in 2016!

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