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Fans of Alabama - StraightFans of AlabamaStraightNoPublic15,000+
Fans of Ohio State - ConfidenceFans of Ohio StateConfidenceNoPublic13,000+
Fans of Air Force - ConfidenceFans of Air ForceConfidenceNoPublic13,000+
Fans of Michigan - ConfidenceFans of MichiganConfidenceNoPublic10,000+
Fans of Notre Dame - ConfidenceFans of Notre DameConfidenceNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Ohio State - StraightFans of Ohio StateStraightNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Akron - ConfidenceFans of AkronConfidenceNoPublic7,000+
Fans of Florida State - ConfidenceFans of Florida StateConfidenceNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Clemson - ConfidenceFans of ClemsonConfidenceNoPublic6,000+
Fans of LSU - ConfidenceFans of LSUConfidenceNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Georgia - ConfidenceFans of GeorgiaConfidenceNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Michigan - StraightFans of MichiganStraightNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Florida - ConfidenceFans of FloridaConfidenceNoPublic6,000+
Fans of Air Force - StraightFans of Air ForceStraightNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Texas - ConfidenceFans of TexasConfidenceNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Arizona - ConfidenceFans of ArizonaConfidenceNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Auburn - ConfidenceFans of AuburnConfidenceNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Oregon - ConfidenceFans of OregonConfidenceNoPublic5,000+
Fans of Tennessee - ConfidenceFans of TennesseeConfidenceNoPublic4,800+
Fans of Notre Dame - StraightFans of Notre DameStraightNoPublic4,600+
Fans of Oklahoma - ConfidenceFans of OklahomaConfidenceNoPublic4,200+
Fans of Nebraska - ConfidenceFans of NebraskaConfidenceNoPublic4,100+
Fans of Florida State - StraightFans of Florida StateStraightNoPublic3,900+
Fans of Florida - StraightFans of FloridaStraightNoPublic3,700+
Fans of LSU - StraightFans of LSUStraightNoPublic3,700+
Fans of Georgia - StraightFans of GeorgiaStraightNoPublic3,700+
Fans of Penn State - ConfidenceFans of Penn StateConfidenceNoPublic3,600+
Fans of Miami (FL) - ConfidenceFans of Miami (FL)ConfidenceNoPublic3,500+
Fans of Michigan State - ConfidenceFans of Michigan StateConfidenceNoPublic3,500+
Fans of Texas - StraightFans of TexasStraightNoPublic3,500+


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