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Groups 242 - 271

Fans of Wake Forest - StraightFans of Wake ForestStraightNoPublic150+
Fans of New Mexico State - StraightFans of New Mexico StateStraightNoPublic140+
Fans of Rice - StraightFans of RiceStraightNoPublic140+
420 or BustSmoking and not choking that's the way we ball.ConfidenceYesPublic130+
The GashouseSkirting the Rules a BitConfidenceYesPrivate130+
Fans of Tulsa - StraightFans of TulsaStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of Utah State - StraightFans of Utah StateStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of UAB - StraightFans of UABStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of Troy - StraightFans of TroyStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of Southern Methodist - StraightFans of Southern MethodistStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of Tulane - StraightFans of TulaneStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of UTEP - StraightFans of UTEPStraightNoPublic130+
Fans of San Jose State - StraightFans of San Jose StateStraightNoPublic130+
Mike and Mike FansfocusConfidenceNoPublic120+
FootballScoop-2016Become The Scoop MasterConfidenceYesPrivate120+
No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat AConfidenceNoPublic120+
2016 Atlanta CFBWinners WinConfidenceYesPrivate110+
MSECU Pick 'EmFight, Win, Curds!ConfidenceYesPrivate110+
Percheron Employees 2016ConfidenceYesPrivate110+
Dr. Love's College PickEmConfidenceYesPrivate110+
Dawgvent PickemCawgs or Gie!ConfidenceYesPrivate100+
Outkicked CoverageConfidenceYesPublic100+
ISD Pick EmRTDBStraightNoPrivate90+
Gators SubredditGo Gators!StraightYesPublic90+
Drunk Aubie's Pick 'emGotta Pick 'Em All!ConfidenceNoPublic90+
Fans of Georgia SouthernGATAConfidenceNoPublic90+
Seinfeld FansIt's not a lie, if you believe itConfidenceYesPublic90+
College Pickers 2016ConfidenceYesPrivate80+
SportsHooplaSports en sechConfidenceNoPrivate80+


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