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Groups 92 - 121

Fans of Colorado - ConfidenceFans of ColoradoConfidenceNoPublic1000+
Fans of Arkansas State - ConfidenceFans of Arkansas StateConfidenceNoPublic1000+
Fans of Louisville - StraightFans of LouisvilleStraightNoPublic1000+
Fans of Stanford - ConfidenceFans of StanfordConfidenceNoPublic1000+
Fans of Virginia Tech - StraightFans of Virginia TechStraightNoPublic1000+
Fans of Navy - ConfidenceFans of NavyConfidenceNoPublic950+
Fans of Utah - ConfidenceFans of UtahConfidenceNoPublic950+
Fans of Army - StraightFans of ArmyStraightNoPublic900+
Fans of Boise State - StraightFans of Boise StateStraightNoPublic900+
Fans of Kansas State - ConfidenceFans of Kansas StateConfidenceNoPublic900+
Fans of Ole Miss - StraightFans of Ole MissStraightNoPublic900+
Fans of Missouri - StraightFans of MissouriStraightNoPublic900+
Fans of Pittsburgh - StraightFans of PittsburghStraightNoPublic900+
Fans of Baylor - StraightFans of BaylorStraightNoPublic850+
Fans of TCU - StraightFans of TCUStraightNoPublic850+
Fans of Cincinnati - ConfidenceFans of CincinnatiConfidenceNoPublic850+
Fans of Maryland - StraightFans of MarylandStraightNoPublic800+
Fans of Illinois - StraightFans of IllinoisStraightNoPublic800+
Fans of Texas Tech - StraightFans of Texas TechStraightNoPublic800+
Fans of Boston College - StraightFans of Boston CollegeStraightNoPublic800+
Fans of Iowa State - ConfidenceFans of Iowa StateConfidenceNoPublic800+
Fans of Duke - StraightFans of DukeStraightNoPublic750+
Fans of Kansas - ConfidenceFans of KansasConfidenceNoPublic750+
Fans of North Carolina State - ConfidenceFans of North Carolina StateConfidenceNoPublic750+
Fans of Navy - StraightFans of NavyStraightNoPublic750+
Fans of Oklahoma State - StraightFans of Oklahoma StateStraightNoPublic750+
Fans of Ball State - ConfidenceFans of Ball StateConfidenceNoPublic750+
Fans of Houston - StraightFans of HoustonStraightNoPublic750+
Fans of Colorado - StraightFans of ColoradoStraightNoPublic750+
Fans of Syracuse - StraightFans of SyracuseStraightNoPublic750+


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