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1Balls DragonCelebrate Father's Day by pulling out - anonymous40+10,291490.05
2Ronler Pick Em 2k17There is no off-season ... and we never take a knee.40+10,162483.90
3No Cat A #bringbackUBER"We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"30+13,039482.93
4Sports Fans ForeverWe are Sports Fans Forever30+11,553481.38
8Dog DaysPick'em like you nose'em25+10,526478.45
9HelenaDrunken Saturday45+10,521478.23
10College Football Wisdom25+10,982477.48
112017 College FB Frenzy35+11,456477.33
12Deep South Pick Em LeagueDrinking beer and watching football40+10,976477.22
13winair pickem 201745+10,954476.26
16Banger's BoysAutumn Leaves are Falling!50+14,751475.84
17Freebies KingsIn It to Win It20+9,968474.67
18Pick'em Board BuddiesIsn't college football great Gotta love it.35+11,855474.20
20Ty Webb's Lumber Yardgunga galunga45+9,949473.76
21Kliff is King 2017SUNS UP GUNS UP35+10,413473.32
22DFW Pickem35+9,938473.24
23Georgia DawgsBrando's Redemption (Again)30+10,879473.00
24PickemBeechThis is not a beach nor an island40+12,744472.00
25RicketyCricketIn The Deed, The Glory40+12,272472.00
26BRode CFB Pick'EmCashin checks and snapping necks40+11,327471.96
27JT's College Pickem40+11,793471.72
28The Good Tryers50+10,374471.55
29SWA HOG FANSWOO PIG!!35+10,347470.32
31Calera FootballWinning is all that matters50+11,279469.96
33ohsskinsWho is Corso this year??25+10,333469.68
34Big EagleWorld Class Pick 'Em40+13,146469.50
35Mobile1If you want a little zing in your zang-zang!60+15,467468.70
36Turkey Bowl XVIFear the Khaki's70+19,680468.57
37JReitmeyer College PickEm"If you are not the lead dog, your view never changes.&...45+9,840468.57
38Cub Cadet DuxIf you're scared say you're scared40+12,647468.41
39Saturdays in the SouthNot Much Better Than College Football on a Fall Saturday.45+11,704468.16
40Men of MILCON40+10,765468.04
41Picking Ducks35+9,824467.81
42Tower Pickem45+13,557467.48
432017 Atlanta CFBWork hard, play harder100+20,101467.47
45DSNOW PICKEM 201750+13,536466.76
46Dixie Land Delight 2017Where football is a religion70+17,270466.76
47Third Time's a Charm'I'm not Steve Bannon, I'm not trying to suck my own c---.'45+9,791466.24
49PICK-O-HOLICS"If your not first, your last"-Ricky Bobby60+18,169465.87
50Gamblers & Fools#SukIt80+22,350465.63


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