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1No Cat A #bringbackUBER"We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"30+17,981580.03
2Balls DragonCelebrate Father's Day by pulling out - anonymous40+16,221579.32
3Perry Pick'em 2017Picking picks for six years20+12,149578.52
5BEAT HALKER25+12,687576.68
6VWCS Pick Em25+12,660575.45
7Ronler Pick Em 2k17There is no off-season ... and we never take a knee.35+22,383573.92
8Statue of Liberty PlayI think we're getting the hang of this20+13,200573.91
9BARBERS AND FRIENDSWhat up?20+13,176572.87
10Pick'em Board BuddiesIsn't college football great Gotta love it.35+21,734571.95
11Wake CFB Pick'emGet Rabid20+12,568571.27
12Sports Fans ForeverWe are Sports Fans Forever30+15,404570.52
1310 Yard Fight25+11,978570.38
15Dog DaysPick'em like you nose'em25+15,382569.70
16The ZooOnly in a zoo can you find fans like these :-D35+18,218569.31
17The Football GamesMay the games be ever in your favor30+13,663569.29
18Freebies KingsIn It to Win It20+13,093569.26
20SEC GamedayFOOTBALL IS UPON US AGAIN!!! FINALLY!!!25+15,930568.93
21Tuscaville $$Picking - Art, Science, or Luck??25+16,496568.83
22College Football FreaksYou gotta know how to pick'em40+17,062568.73
23TenCate NCAASpecifi Mirafi25+13,649568.71
24Uncle Randy's MoonshinersMagic Number = 635+17,059568.63
25Picking Ducks35+19,899568.54
26College Pick 'Em 2017Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.20+11,939568.52
27This Is SEC CountryIt's Summy-time!25+12,507568.50
28Turnover by downswhy isn't it a turnover?25+14,211568.44
29Pick 'em 2k17 Brah!Cash me ousside30+13,074568.43
30TTOWN2017IRON BOWL35+15,916568.43
31kevins barber shop 201725+13,070568.26
32SRG Bragging rightsI'm in your grill45+11,933568.24
33Kliff is King 2017SUNS UP GUNS UP35+16,464567.72
34Deep South Pick Em LeagueDrinking beer and watching football40+13,054567.57
35SEC Dominance35+13,610567.08
36HelenaDrunken Saturday45+23,813566.98
37SECFOOTBALLFANSGoooooooo Dawgs20+12,466566.64
38Detroit Beer LeagueSaturdays,college football & BEER !!25+13,032566.61
39PigSkin Peeps 2017Football IQ over Heart20+12,465566.59
41World Center of Racing25+11,892566.29
42Valley Pick'em 201740+14,721566.19
43winair pickem 201745+22,641566.03
44Pac-12 Fun & GamesLet's get this party started!20+11,885565.95
45Scar Bar Sports BookConcussions kill20+13,015565.87
46MAVERICK NCAA 201725+13,006565.48
48College Football Wisdom25+15,831565.39
49The Good Tryers50+20,354565.39


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