ESPY Challenge

In A New York Minute

By Roger Rotter
ESPN Fantasy Games editor
February 22, 1998

Dan Jendras of Brewster, N.Y. only needed 10 minutes to make his winning picks for the ESPY Challenge.

Jendras scoured the biographies of ESPY candidates for women's track and field, bowling and women's golf and made educated guesses. Then he used his gut feelings on who had the best year for the rest of the categories, thus completing Jendras Picks.

He only missed the Mens' Track and Field Performer of the Year, selecting Michael Johnson instead of Maurice Green. He won the tiebreaker, guessing closest to the number of entrants (100,964) in the ESPY Challenge without exceeding it.

Being a lifelong New Yorker, Jendras lives 40 minutes away from the Big Apple and is elated to be going to Manhattan's Radio City Hall to watch the 2000 ESPY Awards with his wife, Carol. It gives him a chance to see all the great athletes in one gathering.

Jendras was thrilled that the Yankees took home three 1999 ESPY awards. But he's not partial to only the Yankees. He roots for all the New York professional teams, such as the Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Jets, Giants and Knicks. He religiously follows local sports by watching a game on TV per day. He tunes into ESPN's Sportscenter and logs daily onto, both helping expand his sports knowledge.

New York has influenced his rites of passage. He played college football at Albany State, received his MBA in finance at Pace University and is currently senior manager of business operations for in Brewster, N.Y.

What's his tip for the next game, the NCAA Tournament Challenge? True to his roots, he suggests St. John's will advance far into the tourney.

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