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Chalk Talk: Top 10 Reasons Football is better than Sex
By Spencer Graf
Special to FFL '98
October 7, 1998
Top Ten Reasons why football is better than sex:

10. Football doesn't get mad if you drink a beer while watching it.

9. Football doesn't get jealous if you watch another sport on the side.

8. You can record football, and watch it when you are in the mood.

7. You can take your best buddy with you to a football game, and not feel weird about it.

6. If a football game is boring, you can leave in the middle of it without getting yelled at.

5. Football doesn't compare you to other guys that have watched it.

4. You can watch football in a public place without fear of being arrested.

3. High fives during sex are considered inappropriate.

2. Two words: Protective cup.

And the number one reason why football is better than sex....

1. You can't create your own fantasy woman for thirty bucks!

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