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Creator: J. Thammavongsa
Format: League Manager
Scoring: Season Points
Teams: 11

League Manager's Note

Welcome to FHL 2015!

Welcome to FHL 2015! Messages from your League Manager will be posted here throughout the season. Watch for updates about your draft, league standings, links, photos, etc.. We look forward to a great season!


2015 League Champion!
ZuZu Zendsbees
Owner(s): Alex Hendsbee

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1.ZuZu Zendsbees6182.8
2.Shut Your 5-Hole6054.1
3.Crosby and Friends5866.1
4.Team Titty City5834.2
5.Master of The Mantice Rap...5816.9
6.Team Dhillon5783.6
7.Jagr Bombs5662.1
8.Father of Gods and Men5395.1
9.The Dirty Rascals4790.3
10.The Mother Puckers4434.9
11.Godzirra Gayaka Gayaka!4392.6
Updated Monday, April 13, 2015

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