Scoring Settings for Standard Leagues (Free & Prize Eligible)
Below is a list of the ten (10) scoring categories used in the standard game. These categories apply to both Rotisserie and Head-to-Head leagues.

SCORING SETTINGS (Standard Leagues)
Below is a list of the scoring categories used in ESPN Standard leagues and apply to both Rotisserie and Head-to-Head leagues.

FREE STANDARD GAME: Rotisserie and "H2H: Most Categories" Scoring Categories
Skaters (Forwards, Defensemen, Utility) - 7 categories Goalies - 3 categories
- Goal (G)
- Assist (A)
- Plus/minus (+/-)
- Penalties (PIM)
- Average time on ice (ATOI)
- Power-play points (PPP)
- Shots on goal (SOG)
- Win (W)
- Goals against average (GAA)
- Save percentage (SV%)

All ESPN standard Rotisserie scoring leagues use a fixed game limits number by position to prevent owners from streaming players to maximize the number of games played. The game start numbers below represent how many games started are allowed over the course of the entire season for that particular position. Your team's current balance can be found on the "Max & Pace" page linked in the subnav of your main My Team page.

With the shortened hockey season, we have adjusted the limits to the following:

  • Goalies (2) 96 (48 per slot)
  • Forwards (9)  432 (48 per slot)
  • Defensemen (5)  240 (48 per slot)
  • Utility (1)  48 (48 per slot)
Once this game started limit is reached, the team will no longer accumulate stats from that position for the remained of the season. Note that if a team exceeds the game start max in the middle of a day, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day.

ESPN allows you to manage your head-to-head team throughout season. Unlike previous versions of the game where the system enforced a game starts limit, the system enforces a maximum number of acquisitions allowed per head-to-head matchup. An "acquisition" is defined as a player added from free agency (or waivers) to a team's roster. The rule is simple - you are allowed an average of one (1) acquisition per day in which there is an NHL game played. So for a typical 7-day NHL week, each team is allowed seven (7) acquisitions. Once the acquisitions limit is reach, a team will no longer be able to add players until the following matchup begins. Note that under this rule change, the system will not enforce any maximum number of games played in the H2H game. This rule was instituted to protect against teams who streamed players on the last day each week and we hope it provides a better experience managing your team.

Acquisition limits notes:

  • There is no limit on acquisitions before the season begins. The system only starts enforcing the rule on the first day of the season.
  • Dropping players or receiving player(s) via a trade does not count against your acquisition limit.
  • There is no limit to the number of acquisitions allowed per day (as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum). You can add seven (7) players to your team on a single day, or balance them out throughout the matchup (ie, 2 on Tuesday, 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday).
  • Since player additions lock at the first game of the day, the weekly transistion for acquisition limits takes place with the first game played on Sunday's.
  • Your team's current acquisition limit balance is displayed on three pages within the game - your "My Team" and "H2H Box Score" page, as well as the "Players" pages (free agency/waivers). The league "Standings" page will continue to display the total number of acquisitions made for the entire season.

In order to win the Goals Against Average and Save Percentage categories, ESPN requires you to have THREE (3) goalie starts in the week/scoring period.