Daily Leaders

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PLAYERSAUG 31Aug 31 Batting
Mike Zunino, Sea CL 1-14--/------------
Ben Zobrist, ChC 2B, OF2-0 Bot 4th--/------------
Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 1B2-1 Top 8th1/30000.333
Bradley Zimmer, Cle OF7-1 Top 8th--/------------
Shane Zeile, Det CW 3-2--/------------
Shawn Zarraga, LAD CL 0-7
2-6 Bot 3rd
Nelfi Zapata, NYM C2-2 Bot 7th--/------------
Corey Zangari, CWS 1BL 2-3--/------------
Mark Zagunis, ChC C  DTD2-0 Bot 4th--/------------
Yeyson Yrizarri, Tex SSW 14-1--/------------
Eric Young Jr., Mil OF3-1 Top 5th--/------------
Delmon Young, Bal OF1-3 Top 7th--/------------
Chris Young, Bos OFW 8-60/30000.000
Rafael Ynoa, Col OFW 7-0
6-2 Bot 3rd
Jose Yepez, Atl C2-1 Top 6th--/------------
Christian Yelich, Mia OF2-2 Bot 7th2/31110.667
Mike Yastrzemski, Bal OF1-3 Top 7th--/------------
Alex Yarbrough, LAA 2BW 3-0--/------------
Jake Yacinich, LAA SSW 3-0--/------------
Zach Wright, LAA CW 3-0--/------------
Ryan Wright, Cin SSL 0-3--/------------
David Wright*, NYM 3B  DL602-2 Bot 7th--/------------
Danny Worth, Hou SSW 4-3--/------------
Eric Wood, Pit 3B0-2 Bot 4th--/------------
Kolten Wong, StL 2B, OF1-3 Top 5th--/------------
Joey Wong, Col 3BW 7-0
6-2 Bot 3rd
Tony Wolters, Col CW 7-0
6-2 Bot 3rd
Jantzen Witte, Bos 1BW 8-6--/------------
Travis Witherspoon, LAD OFL 0-7
2-6 Bot 3rd
Patrick Wisdom, StL 3B1-3 Top 5th--/------------
Jesse Winker, Cin OFL 0-3--/------------
Corey Wimberly, Min OF1-7 Top 8th--/------------
Mike Wilson, Cin OFL 0-3--/------------
Marcus Wilson, Ari OFL 2-4--/------------
Kenny Wilson, Mia OF2-2 Bot 7th--/------------
Josh Wilson, Det 2BW 3-2--/------------
Jacob Wilson, StL 3B1-3 Top 5th--/------------
Bobby Wilson, TB CL 6-81/31000.333
Austin Wilson, Sea OFL 1-14--/------------
Mac Williamson*, SF OF  DL15W 4-2--/------------
Nick Williams, Phi OF1-2 Top 8th--/------------
Mason Williams, NYY OF0-4 Bot 4th--/------------
Justin Williams, TB OFL 6-8--/------------
Jackson Williams, Col CW 7-0
6-2 Bot 3rd
Andy Wilkins, Mil 1B3-1 Top 5th--/------------
Shannon Wilkerson, Bos OFW 8-6--/------------
Matt Wieters, Bal C1-3 Top 7th1/30000.333
Rowan Wick, StL OF1-3 Top 5th--/------------
Garrett Whitley, TB OFL 6-8--/------------
Tyler White, Hou 3B, 1B, DHW 4-3--/------------