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WBL the Show 12'

Creator: C. Corchiani
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 16

League Manager's Note

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2013 League Champion!
Fighting Manatees
Owner(s): Dan Bergeron
Regular Season Record: 123-130-13

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Babe Ruth
1.Balco Black Sox152-99-15
2.Morehead Town Heros121-125-20
3.Reno Aces115-130-21
4.Palomino XVI111-135-20
Willie Mays
1.Fighting Manatees123-130-13
2.Mississippi Mud dogs117-127-22
3.Izzo For President!106-145-15
4.Vineland NJ Swagalicious103-152-11
Mike Schmidt
1.Moneyball Metropolitans148-105-13
2.Lemon Harang Pie120-127-19
3.To Be Determined109-128-29
4.All for Juan . Juan for All104-148-14
Ty Cobb
1.New York Grandslam Mets144-99-23
2.SQUIRREL !!!!!!!!!!141-107-18
3.NEW YORK KINGS133-110-23
4.Got Jesus?137-117-12
Updated Saturday, October 5, 2013

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