Why are some stats missing or incorrect?
Scoring Corrections
It's possible that over the course of the seven month fantasy baseball season some scoring plays and player statistics may be recorded incorrectly. The deadline for all weekly scoring or stat corrections made by the system is one week from the day that game was played during the MLB season. Any changes entered in the system will automatically reflect in both your Box Score and your Standing's pages.

NOTE: In LM leagues, if the league manager notices the incorrect scoring and uses the Adjust Scoring League Manager tool to manually change the score, and afterward the system updates automatically to reflect the same correction, the impacted team will be awarded with double credit for the correction. If this occurs, you should contact your league manager and ask them to re-adjust the scoring to remove the manual adjustment they entered.

NOTE: When creating an ESPN Custom or League Manager league, the league creator can decide whether to use all baseball players or restrict the pool to either AL-Only or NL-Only. If they choose to restrict the pool to a particular league, they can further decide whether that player's stats still count toward scoring. Refer to the examples below.

Pitching Limits
If your pitchers are no longer accruing stats, be sure to check the "LIMITS" tab on your My Team page. You may have exceeded your pitching limits. If you do not see the "LIMITS" tab, your league does not observe pitching limits. As an LM (League Manager), to change your pitching limits, simply go to "Edit League Settings" and click on "Rosters" followed by "Edit Roster Settings" and change your "Games Played Limits (Maximums)" at the bottom of the page (don't forget to submit roster settings).

AL or NL Only Leagues
In an AL or NL only league where the league creator has allowed points to accrue when changing leagues, if a player is traded to another team, in the other league (AL to NL or vice versa) mid-season, that player will remain on your roster and continue to accrue points upon joining the new MLB team (even though that team is not in your league universe). If the player is subsequently traded to another team in your fantasy league, that player will still accrue points. Only when that player is dropped to waivers, will he be removed from the player universe for the league. An example of this would have been Alfonso Soriano leaving the National League Chicago Cubs for the American League New York Yankees in July of 2013.

In an AL or NL only league where the league creator has NOT allowed points to accrue when changing leagues, if a player is traded across leagues during the season (for example - Mark Teixeira on July 31, 2007 going from the Texas Rangers to the Atlanta Braves) he will be placed on Waivers (if the player is not owned), at which time normal Waiver rules apply. Any team that owns and keeps the player in question will no longer accrue points for that player (so we would recommend dropping the player and filling the roster slot with an appropriate alternative).