Readlyn Grumps
  • Group Type: Private
  • Group Motto: "Pick-A-Team"
  • Group Size: 1+
  • Group Entries Per User: 1
  • Locking Rules: Unlocked - Entries may leave/join group at any time
  • Group Rank: 949 (Top Groups)
  • Average Points Scored: 10.00
  • Group Creator: Todd K BB Fan
  • Group Message: Remember to keep picking as there will be a winner for longest streak and a winner for most correct picks for the entire season
  • Pick the winner of a game each week during the NFL season. You can only select that team once.
  • Come back for 5 minutes each week to make your pick and compete against friends, family, and other fans.
  • Compete for your chance to win a $3,000 Amazon Gift Card (total value of all prizes: $5,000).


Play Eliminator Challenge for your chance to win a $3,000 Amazon Gift Card! There are 12 prizes worth $5,000 in 2017!

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