Top Groups
1Freebies KingsIn it to Win It25+0,34813.92
2No Cat A #bringbackUBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A35+0,51513.55
3Gaming Wizards 201720+0,31513.13
4Detroit Beer League BEER20+0,31513.13
5Non- Eliminator Challenge"I'm still in it!"20+0,31513.13
6Deike Invitational20+0,27413.05
7Conduent 201717-0 or bust20+0,30013.04
8Win some mad moneyfocused35+0,50713.00
9Hernandez did itDude is guilty35+0,47712.89
11Last Dawg Standing20+0,26912.81
12WTW EliminatorGo Bears!20+0,26712.71
13Sweet Eliminator20+0,26712.71
14B-Man's 2017 EliminatorJust Win Baby!30+0,38012.67
15Money Pit20+0,30412.67
162017 Bluewater EliminatorJust Win, Baby!20+0,29112.65
17MoVKaren the Shark Will Lose!!!30+0,39112.61
20FidoFuddiesLast more than 2 Weeks20+0,26212.48
21Padden BoysGo low20+0,27212.36
22Publickhouse 2325+0,32012.31
23Race City Blind Pickers20+0,25812.29
24Terroni Eliminator 201720+0,27012.27
25Sports Fans Foreveryou better get it right20+0,29412.25
26Joyce Kearney Clark FLBeat the Family, Win the Trophy!!!25+0,31812.23
27rookieleagueJUST WIN BABY!!!20+0,28112.22
28Trois Rivieres 201725+0,32912.19
29No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A100+1,23012.18
30Game Changer20+0,26712.14
31Big Picks League 2017I like yo big pick.20+0,29112.13
32quebec2017fans de nfl du quebec45+0,54312.07
33Pigskin Passion20+0,25312.05
34Red Zone Rocks1st and 1035+0,44512.03
35South Fork Weed WhackersMay your balls fly straight and far!!30+0,40812.00
36KOONDOG'S NATIONPick a winning team, not your nose!25+0,31111.96
37Oklahoma Eliminator VIBedlam45+0,53711.93
38Wine Rax20+0,26211.91
39Golly GEE Eliminator25+0,33311.89
43I Like your TD'sIllegal use of hands30+0,38811.76
45Zychos Challenge20+0,24511.67
46Chicago Sports NutzSweet Home Chicago!35+0,41911.64
47Colorado #1 UberPick the winners40+0,48811.62
48smart saver groupwhen its gone its gone20+0,27711.54
49Wahlers Challenge 2017I waste far too much time scoring this thing.35+0,42511.49
50Kiniela NFLEl respeto al complejo ajeno es la paz.35+0,43411.42


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