Pigskin Pickers
  • Group Type: Private
  • Group Game Mode: Spread - Pick the winners against the spread. Every correct pick is worth 1 point.
  • Group Motto: "40 requirements per sheet!!"
  • Group Size: 40+
  • Group Entries Per User: 3
  • Locking Rules: Locked - Entries may leave/join group only before the games begin
  • Group Rank: 1129 (Top Groups)
  • Average Points Scored: 81.49
  • Group Creator: OgieOglethorpe
  • Group Message: $40 covers 1entry for year - all $ goes to the "favorite charity" of winners.. send via ppal to naesc76@hotmail.com. When you pay PLEASE include your entry, owner name below so I know who's who.
  • Is Worst Period Dropped: Yes
  • Pick NFL winners each week. Play against the spread, straight up, or confidence (more pts = more confident!)
  • Join groups and compete against friends, family, and other fans! You can also create your own group!
  • Win big! There are 57 prizes worth $14,100 are up for grabs in Pigskin Pick'em 2017! See prizing for more details.


Play Pigskin Pick'em for your chance to win a $2,000 Amazon Gift Card. There are 57 prizes (weekly & season-long) worth $14,100 in 2017!

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