Top Groups
1boooffWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over JESUS !!40+49,2221447.71
2Confidence is highThinking about it30+44,3801431.61
3OrediggersFore Right20+32,8601428.70
4Lucky Pickers!25+35,6921427.68
5NFL 2016 JourneyPick Smart45+51,2941424.83
6NFL DRS & FRIENDS 201745+64,8571409.93
7Morale PickemsJust For Fun - Check Your Fellings At The Door25+32,3541406.70
8Tradition Pick'em 2017A little competition between coworkers25+29,5051405.00
9SullyhogsFun/Bragging rights!25+32,2921404.00
10Pick 'Em Pool 201720+29,4771403.67
11No Cat A (Confidence) "We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"60+71,5521402.98
13Just Pick SomethingMake fun of others picks as they would make fun of yours.25+32,2031400.13
14Pigskin 2017!25+33,5991399.96
15CaMaPe_PNCa.. Ma.. Pe... bastante claro!25+32,1681398.61
16JTP U-Pig-MU-Pick-M Survives50+68,3981395.88
17StorckPart of Your Football World40+32,0931395.35
19ArnMan's Pick'ems 2017Is this a pyramid scheme?20+29,2321392.00
20Mertel's Confidence PoolPut the Trubiscuit in the basket!40+33,1241380.17
21League of Misfits 201740+39,9661378.14
222017 Trubisky Pickem35+35,8071377.19
23Soon To Be Named League60+50,9471376.95
24Show your TDsXXX25+35,7411374.65
25The clashPlay hard win big!30+36,8601365.19
26PickEm2017Bigger and Better DB's...25+33,9521358.08
27IJUS2017IJUS wanna play some football60+38,0211357.89
28NFL Cianaf PoolStahp250+48,8641357.33
29Aethon FootballFrack it60+32,4731353.04
30Reaper's Redzone 2017Go Big or Go Home!35+36,4591350.33
31GSL SouthWork hard. Play hard.30+29,6461347.55
32Madden's Mayhem 1725+30,9381345.13
33Beat The StreakMaster - ConfidencePlay against the ESPN Streak's StreakMaster!3,400+1,127,0631336.97
34ACME PACKING COMPANY25+28,0271334.62
35Monday Morning Tears '1740+35,8391327.37
36Buffalos RoadhouseBeat the odds40+27,8621326.76
37GreatLIFE KCLive. Play. Better.60+31,6491318.71
38misfits 2017 tis the season40+40,8181316.71
39GSL Employee 2017Powering Forward30+30,1161309.39
40Fans of the Minnesota Vikings (Confidence)Go Vikings!2,300+634,8681290.38
41Fans of the Chicago Bears (Confidence)Go Bears!3,300+833,6381284.50
42Fans of the Miami Dolphins (Confidence)Go Dolphins!1,600+364,0311277.30
43Fans of the Indianapolis Colts (Confidence)Go Colts!1,200+277,8031274.33
44Fans of the New York Giants (Confidence)Go Giants!2,400+504,0081272.75
45Fans of the San Francisco 49ers (Confidence)Go 49ers!1,500+375,9781270.20
46Fans of the Washington Redskins (Confidence)Go Redskins!1,300+316,6631266.65
47Fans of the Cleveland Browns (Confidence)Go Browns!1,600+368,5021266.33
48Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals (Confidence)Go Bengals!1,400+317,9501261.71
49Fans of the Green Bay Packers (Confidence)Go Packers!4,900+1,031,6491259.64
50Fans of the Detroit Lions (Confidence)Go Lions!2,100+490,3591257.33


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