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lygfd2's 2017 Entries

ChampEntry NameStatusGroupsPTSPCTPPR
lygfd2 1Game OverNo Groups200310
lygfd2 2Game OverNo Groups800930
lygfd2 3Game OverNo Groups160220
lygfd2 4Game OverNo Groups200310
lygfd2 5Game OverNo Groups200310
lygfd2 6Game OverNo Groups11201000
lygfd2 7Game OverNo Groups480720
lygfd2 8Game OverNo Groups200310
lygfd2 9Game OverNo Groups880950
lygfd2 10Game OverNo Groups120130
lygfd2 11Game OverNo Groups12801000
lygfd2 12Game OverNo Groups480720
lygfd2 13Game OverNo Groups480720
lygfd2 14Game OverNo Groups400630
lygfd2 15Game OverNo Groups320490
lygfd2 16Game OverNo Groups480720
lygfd2 17Game OverNo Groups320490
lygfd2 18Game OverNo Groups840940
lygfd2 19Game OverNo Groups120130
lygfd2 20Game OverNo Groups440680
lygfd2 21Game OverNo Groups720880
lygfd2 22Game OverNo Groups8050
lygfd2 23Game OverNo Groups880950
lygfd2 24Game OverNo Groups200310
lygfd2 25Game OverNo Groups560790


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