Top Groups
1Board Horde - UConnExcellent Eleven60+716701174.92
2No Cat A #bring back UBER "We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"35+434501174.32
5the pimp & gamezuconn lady30+355401146.45
6cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus110+1198001140.95
7SIG Women's MadnessWomen's Shot Charts!35+363901137.19
8DoggyDaddy's DailiesFans of Women College Basketball with a UConn Slant60+693401136.72
9Fans of VermontWe love Vermont!25+283601134.40
10BoomstickShop Smart, Shop S-Mart45+520001130.43
11The-Boneyard.comFour Peat In Indy!110+1181101124.86
12Nike Inc, NACS WMN'S 201645+403701121.39
13Pick 'Em 2016The XX Chromosomes20+246401120.00
14DePaul Blue CrewDammit St. John's...25+256201113.91
15Management Ops20+233401111.43
16Fans of East CarolinaWe love East Carolina!25+231601102.86
18Iowa State IntramuralsJust for the FUN of It!50+505501098.91
19Colorado #1 UBERPlayin' for da points!!!30+340401098.06
20Lesco759kick butt300+3091401096.24
21WandasWomenBracketvilleStay calm and dribble on!30+328301094.33
22Lynx Dynasty Bracket2016 Lynx Fans Bracket Challenge80+875401094.25
23CTO WBB20+229601093.33
24Fans of MontanaWe love Montana!50+524601092.92
25HoopWallup2016Madness packs a wallup in 2016!20+229201091.43
26ESPN Network Control 2016Every pick counts!25+272701090.80
27ESPN OnlyFor love of the game190+1995301090.33
29Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!5,000+47444701088.18
30Bean 2016live free or die45+488901086.44
31Guys w/ BIG ShoesRespect Few... FEAR NONE25+260301084.58
33Fans of George WashingtonWe love George Washington!35+313401080.69
34Fans of Portland StateWe love Portland State!30+334901080.32
35Pennsylvania PupsWe love pets30+334701079.68
362016 HB Life Women's TourPowering Ideas!40+442001078.05
38Fans of DelawareWe love Delaware!60+547201072.94
39Fans of VirginiaWe love Virginia!80+759901070.28
40Fans of Northern IowaWe love Northern Iowa!25+235301069.55
41SRC Womens BracketRedefining Possible35+363201068.24
42#SPARNALIQLet's do this thing!30+320401068.00
43Virginia Tech IMsPlay Hard Play Fair Respect the Game25+277401066.92
44Doug Twitter FollowersShow who the real expert is.35+351201064.24
45Fans of TeamUSAWe love TeamUSA!40+350401061.82
46Fans of WashingtonWe love Washington!250+2481101055.79
47CMU IM Women's TourneyFire Up March Madness20+220601050.48
48THE Women's Bracket 2016Thank God for Title IX!!!20+241601050.43
49Fans of USCWe love USC!60+651001050.00
50NH_BALLGIRLNothing but NET25+272901049.62


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