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Top Groups
1Chickens Rulecockadoodle doo!25+32,7701130.00
2Fans of South CarolinaWe love South Carolina!1,500+1,450,1901096.97
3No Cat A #bring back UBER "We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"30+33,8801092.90
4Graber W Challenge25+26,6501066.00
5Cody's Friends and family30+31,1001036.67
6Fans of South Carolina StateWe love South Carolina State!30+26,9301035.77
7 Thompson groupcal and philadelphia25+25,7401029.60
8MSU Lady BulldogsAll BITE no bark!50+56,5901028.91
9SFTC FRIENDSBring this home50+48,3501028.72
11Samuel bracketsFun fun fun20+21,3501016.67
12Board Horde - UConnExcellent 11 Soon 1220+22,3401015.45
13bigdawgvikejust win!45+45,5701012.67
14jeremiah vs jimthrowdown35+39,4901012.56
15NotThisYearMaybe Next30+33,2301006.97
16Management Operations '1720+21,0701003.33
17Fans of PrincetonWe love Princeton!20+20,940997.14
18Midway WLA20+21,870994.09
19Grand Prize Winnerwin the grand prize25+25,610985.00
20Fans of Mississippi StateWe love Mississippi State!600+540,700984.88
212013 womens tourney70+74,840984.74
22Fans of Portland StateWe love Portland State!30+30,350979.03
23Fans of MemphisWe love Memphis!50+41,060977.62
24Seattle Mariners FansCan't wait for Felix day40+41,050977.38
25Conrad BracketsGo Bucks!35+24,410976.40
26THE HUSKIES invitational70+71,820970.54
27LBXI: The Toast YearI smell sex and layups.20+21,230965.00
28Fans of Louisiana TechWe love Louisiana Tech!30+30,650957.81
29Fans of Ole MissWe love Ole Miss!80+67,900956.34
30Driving to school20+22,900954.17
31cwscWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over Jesus170+138,330954.00
32Sandman Picks25+23,840953.60
33ESPN Media Challenge W1720+20,020953.33
34Social Madness 220+19,990951.90
35Fans of Eastern KentuckyWe love Eastern Kentucky!45+34,240951.11
36USA Basketball - Women's20+19,950950.00
37E.A.C.H Women's Bracket30+31,330949.39
38Grip it and Rip it25+23,720948.80
39SloMoBBallFaster than the speed of smell25+27,380944.14
402015 Women's ChallengePlay To Win35+33,030943.71
41Fans of Georgia StateWe love Georgia State!30+22,620942.50
42Fans of VanderbiltWe love Vanderbilt!50+38,560940.49
43Fans of Utah StateWe love Utah State!25+22,570940.42
44The Players ClubJust Win Baby60+58,280940.00
45Doug Twitter FollowersShow who the real expert is.40+40,230935.58
46Anybody but UCONN 20171st 100....... 2nd 2525+23,350934.00
47Yum! - NCAA Women 201725+25,200933.33
48Jurewicz NCAA WomenWe ARE March Madness20+22,380932.50
49Liebert's Bracketology$2 per bracket30+27,950931.67
502017 BEA - women's20+22,360931.67


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