espn70888253's 2018 Brackets

ChampEntry NameStatusGroupsPTSPCTPPR
espn70888253 1Game OverNo Groups1040660
espn70888253 2Game OverNo Groups1040660
espn70888253 3Game OverNo Groups1200920
espn70888253 4Game OverNo Groups1200920
espn70888253 5Game OverNo Groups1520990
espn70888253 6Game OverNo Groups1200920
espn70888253 7Game OverNo Groups16801000
espn70888253 8Game OverNo Groups1360970
espn70888253 9Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 10Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 11Game OverNo Groups1280960
espn70888253 12Game OverNo Groups1280960
espn70888253 13Game OverNo Groups1600990
espn70888253 14Game OverNo Groups1280960
espn70888253 15Game OverNo Groups17601000
espn70888253 16Game OverNo Groups1440980
espn70888253 17Game OverNo Groups960540
espn70888253 18Game OverNo Groups960540
espn70888253 19Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 20Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 21Game OverNo Groups960540
espn70888253 22Game OverNo Groups960540
espn70888253 23Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 24Game OverNo Groups1120780
espn70888253 25Game OverNo Groups1120780

It's Bracket Time!

It's March, which means the madness is right around the corner, as the nation's best teams will do battle to earn a berth in Columbus for the Final Four on March 30 and April 1.

It also means it's a great time to sign up for the 2018 Women's Tournament Challenge. After the brackets are revealed on March 12, come back to make your picks for the NCAA women's tournament and follow along with the action when games tip off March 16 all the way to the Final Four.

The object of the game is simple, especially for those who have played in bracket games through the years: Select the teams you think will win each of the 63 tournament games, from the first round all the way through the championship game.

You'll get points for each game you pick correctly, with the points increasing during each round of the tournament. Remember to make all of your picks before the first round tips off, but after that, just tune in to the ESPN family of networks to watch all of the action unfold. (All women's tournament games will be on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and WatchESPN.)

If you score the most points, you'll have a chance to win the grand prize of a $10,000 Amazon Gift Card.

Will Geno Auriemma and UConn dominate on their way to a 12th national title? It won't be easy with elite teams like Mississippi State and Baylor in contention this year.

You can fill out up to 25 brackets, so you can mix it up when making your picks. Will you decide to go chalk and pick all of the favorites? Or are you more apt to go upset-happy, or even pick teams based on mascots or school colors? Whatever you decide, it's all about having fun and a rooting interest in all of the games.

Best of luck as you take your shot at women's bracket glory!


Play Women's Tournament Challenge for your chance to win $10,000 in Gift Cards. *Restrictions apply. See details.

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