Top Groups
1purdue34Password is: 130+27,170799.12
2R. Moore 1st PeriodMarch Mathness25+19,700788.00
4Just Brent25+19,450778.00
5YyccampbellsOldest child knows best25+19,250770.00
6Shamu's Happy HarborEverybody wins!!!!25+19,190767.60
8Earth SpaceTo the Universe I will gain smarts80+52,610751.57
9Winona Math/StatTeams picked with Math25+17,940747.50
10Waska8 225+21,640746.21
12The Dirty Birds FalconsIf you believe in yourself you can win, a victory is within you90+66,780742.00
13No Cat A #bring back UBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A70+51,850740.71
15Dogger DootersBecky30+22,800735.48
16BCABOceans > Oil45+33,820735.22
18gww's games30+24,950733.82
19BEAST BOYS 47213425+20,520732.86
20ughhh-yacubethou shall not trust the chameleon20+16,850732.61
22DerBar17All In The Family!25+18,260730.40
24PCS PeepsGroup for PCS Students and friends of theirs.25+18,980730.00
25Yooper HoopersGo State20+15,330730.00
26thurston mid25+20,430729.64
27Dunn Family!No Mercy.20+15,320729.52
28syo boyzwin or go home25+20,410728.93
29broski cluball the broskis in the club say me25+19,680728.89
30Pizitz Basketball20+15,280727.62
31Chris10senJust for Fun?20+15,260726.67
33Rainbow Valley 201720+15,230725.24
34DC students 1234535+27,550725.00
35Pronto Hoops Pool 2017I had the right to remain silent but I lacked the ability.20+15,220724.76
36Earnhardt APUSH 2017Winner=+20 on Lowest Test(max110); 2nd=+15; 3rd=+12; 4th-7th=+830+23,910724.55
3717 Ray Fam BBallChallengeMy fantasy is Dirk!!20+15,210724.29
38episcopal boyssavagery is life30+19,550724.07
39The Bracketeers'01Quality over Quantity25+18,820723.85
40MSHS Potter ClassesCan you beat the chalk?30+20,990723.79
41Willl's March Madness20+17,370723.75
42Merrill Taylor BunchMay the Best Irishman Win!!!25+18,800723.08
44Whitesides 2017Gotta get the Grant25+20,240722.86
45Lake Oswego Loser BracketFor the worst brackets45+34,660722.08
47Garthomharpsacca2017 Make Your Brackets Great Again20+15,150721.43
48Carolina TraceCan't Wait to get on the Road Again50+36,070721.40
49Unsicker Elephants20+15,140720.95
50GDS BengalsGreensboro Day School25+20,170720.36

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